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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The new & the old generation.

Baby Bella is growing like a weed. She's up to 117 grams and showing some attitude when she doesn't get as much to eat as she wants! Last night was the first time she made what I call "the question" sound. It's like the sound a guinea pig makes when it talks. The whooo ooo sound that usually means things like "who's there, who are you, what are you doing" type things. When she did it last night, it meant "where did my damn bottle go?" after I took it out of her mouth! haha

When I went down to the feeding station last night I ran into Ringer. I haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to know she was OK. She looks great! Her coat is perfect which makes me wonder if she's gonna be a mom this year. I find the pregnant ones tend to get ratty, scruffy looking coats (like Dandy and Reds) as they prepare to have kits. I could definitely be wrong of course. Time will tell. Ringer is the one that brought her 3 kids out for a visit with Grammy last year when they were old enough.

Belle and kids are tucked away in their den box. Deep in the shadow's beyond this entrance mom is taking care of her new babies as we speak!

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