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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The gang....updates!

Popeye is feeling much better now! The infection that had him under the weather has cleared up and he's almost a happy coon again! As soon as the stitches come out and he can go back with his siblings for release he will be thrilled!

He's got a little mat hanging off his nose. Some hair got caked on and tangled in the sutures so it formed this little mat that I am not going to fiddle with...I don't want to pull anything open. It will come off soon enough, either when the scab falls off or we take the sutures out. It's not causing a problem but it sure is silly to look at!

Ringer is still making her usual daytime visits to eat. Every now and then when I am around during her window of arrival, I am able to visit her in person. What a great girl she is!

Belle and the babies, Bella and Macy are doing great! The happy mom is taking such great care of the little ones! The rest of the gang remains elusive. Now that I have gone from the overnight shift to the day shifts at work, I'm just not out and about around 2-3am when they all seem to flock in. If not for the coon cam, I would be going absolutely crazy not being able to keep my eyes on them! I'm hoping I'll get a chance for a late night/early morning visit coming up on one of my days off.

Things are getting crazy around here. Lots of baby squirrels coming in now. Laurie just ended up with 4 new baby coons so I imagine they are going to start flooding in soon!

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