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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing Bella.

The first baby of the season has arrived. Bella is a sweet little girl. She was brought to me last night after being found at the base of a tree next to her dead sibling. She was hypothermic and thin when found but the woman that took her in did a wonderful job warming her up and getting her rehydrated until she could get her to me.

She was a tiny 96 grams and about a week old. She is very bright and alert and ADORABLE!

Tonight she weighed in at 97 grams and is eating great. Everything is coming out the other end the way it should be and things look good. She eats, poops and pees and goes right to sleep until the next feeding!

I'm always tense for the first couple of weeks. They are in quarantine and at this age things can change quickly if there is something wrong that is not initially apparent. But she's off to a great start and I'll be happy in 2 weeks when I can breath a little easier.

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