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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dandy, Belle & Baby Bella

Dandy had her sutures out today. She's good to go so I will be releasing her tonight. She has a little fistula where food can get stuck behind her new nose, but she keeps it clean so it is not causing a problem. She can't wait to go. I think she is pregnant on top of it, so it will be good for her to go back to her own den and settle in again...assuming someone hasn't already taken it over and she has to find a new one! Good luck Dandy, I'll be keeping my eyes on ya!

Tuesday afternoon I discovered someone was using the large den box out back. I couldn't tell who it was...just saw her go in from a distance and when I checked she just huffed and wouldn't come out and say hi. This afternoon I was out back and ran into Belle. I beleive it was her the other day and she may be settling in to have more kits. She had her kits last year in the same den box so it makes sense she might want to use it again.

She is one of my 2006 releases and had 3 kits last spring. Tragically 2 were killed by a strange male I found in the area one day, but her third remaining kit did great and I was out there the night Belle led him (Stumpy) out into the woods and a new den somewhere else. I would occasionally run into him out there afterwards with his mom but he would keep his distance when he saw me.

Of course I didn't have my camera with me when I ran into her, but I got one off the cooncam though! She was down there eating like she was eating for an army and her nipples are getting bigger so she probably IS eating for an army! hehe

The new baby Bella is doing great. She's up to 105 grams and growing every minute!

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