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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red, Belle & some silly pics.

Red is doing great...enjoying her star treatment at the Ritz!! Breakfast in bed and all! The swelling is going down, her foot is getting better and I'll probably send her out soon. Since she's not anxious to leave and I'm in no hurry to boot her I'll just give it some time for the swelling to go down more and let it heal a little longer so there is less chance of her re-injuring it too quickly.

Belle is taking good care of her babies. She pops out during the day to eat so she can stay with them at night when all the other coonies are out and about. I got a brief glimpse of her when she popped her head out today to check me out when I was putting the coon cam back at the feeding station. She was pretty quick though and all I got was part of her head before she ducked right back inside to her babies.

The rest of the gang was just enjoying the nice weather (FINALLY!!). Just hanging out making silly faces!

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