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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The big boys go free!

The big boys out back were released on Saturday (sniff, sniff!). It was a beautiful day with good weather predicted and I was on my days off so the timing was finally right.
Quinny is the first to cross the threshold..
....followed by Tosser! Oh my little boy is out on his own now!!

Tosser has to convince Rollo to take the big first step. .....

...then up a tree he goes.

Rollo finally decides it looks like fun and takes the plunge! One of the twins also joined them out there, but the other twin and Mo could not be stirred from their hammock so I was not there when they finally decided to leave.

There were quite a few mothers hanging out at the main feeding station that took an interest in the commotion the boys were causing with their antics! These 2 moms watched from up in the branches.....not quite sure who they are, they were further away than it seems in the picture.

This girl looks a bit like Foxy though.....and was definitely tolerant of me even though she wouldn't come down to see me.

Ringer was up there too, but all the commotion wasn't going to interrupt her nap away from the kids....she's an old pro at this!

Right below Ringer, her sister Belle was chowing down, also not to be interrupted by it all!

Red was also out and about hanging with the "mom" pack.

Spider-twin climbs a tree and loves it!

Red gets comfortable and eats while enjoying the show.

By nightfall when I returned to check on them every one was out causing a ruckus in the woods!

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