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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poopie joins Mary's menagerie!

Well I finally parted with Poopie the possum. She is great and growing like a weed. Now that she is eating on her own it was time for her to join some other possie's so I brought her to Mary's to join her clan of them.
Here are a few of her other charges..... Willie Whistle a very adorable groundhog baby in Mary's care.

6 older possies, so cute and innocent.......

....NOT!! Ha ha! Luckily their bark is worse than their bite!

My cute little Poopie coming out to say hi to mom (and "where's my food!")

Mary had a singleton that is bigger but just as mellow as her so we put them together. Here little Poopie comes out to visit the newcomer.

I talked to Mary and they are both doing fine together. Don't let her size fool ya....she may be smaller, but Mary tells me she definitely rules the roost and he just does what he is told! LOL

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