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Sunday, June 14, 2009

No more room at the Raccoon Inn!

A new crop of arrivals over the past couple of weeks have completely filled me up! Even if I had the time for more, I definitely don't have the room! I'm at 21 time for anything anymore so this will be short but sweet!

These are the latest 2. Yet to be named, the female is the older bigger one and a younger boy. They were together prior to arriving here so I am not going to separate them now and they will spend quarantine together. Don't let her cute looks fool ya....she is a bitch!! Very difficult to handle right now and she gets too stressed if I try. Luckily she readily laps her formula out of a bowl and is very neat about it too I might add! He's not much better...growls at me and tries to bite me, but not until AFTER he eagerly runs into my lap & sucks down a bottle of formula! It's when I got to put him back that he's a grouch about it!

These 4 will be out of quarantine in a couple of days. Mom stopped showing up for a couple of days and the people enjoying their presence in the backyard became concerned for their safety. But the babies were high up in a hollow tree den. We were going to attempt to get a friend to go up there to rescue the babies the next day but there was no need! All were found huddled at the bottom of the tree in the morning and I easily scooped them up.
3 boys and a girl, they are Goldie, Grizzly, Kodiak and Panda-Goldie locks and the 3 bears!

3 more-2 found huddled in a driveway. We attempted reuniting that night but they were still there the next morning.....joined by another sibling at a nearby tree. 2 boys and a girl, yet to be named....but very cute!

The rest of the gang continues to do well. River's test showed she is no longer shedding the parvo virus so she will be able to join some of the others and finally have playmates. She is weaned as well as Baloo the monster sized coon and they like it or not! With 18 others on bottles anything to make it easier helps!

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