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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy raccoon play group!

The original group of 11 are getting some playtime together again. Once everyone is fed they all get to run around an wreak havoc for a while so they get used to each other for the time when they are all put together in one pen. Here are a few of them....
The ever adorable Diesel getting some of mom's attention.
Baloo thinks she's being sneaky, approaching the bottle bucket from inside the laundry basket, but he jokes on her because they are all empty anyway!

Razz goes for the camera strap....

Baloo and Scootch looking guilty as sin....and they usually are!

Scootch again.

Dozer finally learned to follow the big kids up on top of the cages.

...and discovered a whole new world out there!

Scootch's turn to try to drag the camera away from me.

Baloo tries to sneak another bottle.

She is also constantly trying to steal my pen! Every time I turn around she is running off with it!

Tank wonders if this is his real mom??

Scootch gives us lessons on how to weigh ourselves!

But for those who are unwilling to stay put for a minute......

And the improper way to get an accurate weight! Phoenix is now in with Cinnamon and Peanut and happy to have company! That's her in the middle.

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