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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The first wild kits sighting.

Another day checking the feeders, another pleasant surprise! Spotted 2 kits hanging out in the tree by the main feeding station.
Mom wasn't far though! In the box right below them keeping an eye on things. I think it's Brownie but I'm not sure. She's one of Ringer and Belles sisters and didn't have an issue with Belle who was eating on the platform right below her.

Mom keeps checking in on the kits.

While Tosser and Quinny also make an appearance. Everyone got along fine...the boys didn't bother mom and the kits and mom just kept her eye on things but pretty much knew the boys were no threat. Tosser was too busy following me around anyway!

And Quinny seemed to have his hands full trying to get down this huge tree to bother with anyone!

Mohican was also out there. He wouldn't come down to say hi to mom, but he was getting along fine up there and climbing well despite the cut on his hand.

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