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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on the gang at Mary's

Some of last years gang have been coming in for regular visits at Mary's. Winnie actually came back to the pen and had 4 adorable kits in the den box in there! She brought them out the other night for a little exploring in the woods.
Meeko and Tugger were hanging around together raiding Mary's bird feeder! LOL Both either have kits somewhere or are going to it appears! I got a quick hello from them while they scurried about eating and avoiding the very protective Winnie!
Seeker was chilling out on top of the den box near the feeding station keeping a safe distance from all the hormonal females! More than happy to get a little back scratching from mom though!
Ran into Buster about a week or so back...he seemed a little slow and sore but he was walking and climbing fine and happy to say hi to mom too!

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