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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An odd encounter.

While out checking the feeders the other day I ran into a couple surprises. First was this little juvenile red that got itself stuck in the feeder. Non the worse for wear though and scurried up the tree when I let it out.
Most odd though was this flyer! I started filling a feeder and it comes out of nowhere and right up to me! They are nocturnal so you don't usually see them during the day-that was surprise enough-but this one kept coming up to me like it was going to just take some food right out of my hand!

I would try to hand her some but she was too nervous and would scurry away, then come right back up to me again. I was right on top of this platform kneeling at the very corner of this feeder-not more than a foot away, if that!

I'm guessing a female with babies or about to have was kind of plump looking....and just really hungry and getting some chow while it was safe to leave them. Or I was close to the nest and she was looking out for the kids......?

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