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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Raccoon shuffle.

Finally did some rearranging to fit everyone and get some of them outside. Got the shed all cleared out and the raccoon condos are ready to go.
3 deluxe suites ready to be occupied!
2 filled up quickly! Razz, Diesel, Cat, Dozer, Tank & Mack take the left while Goldie & the 3 bears-now out of quarantine- take the right.
Pass the Grey Poupon please!!

Finally all 3 suites are filled with River, Baloo and Scootch in the last one.

Their first day for Razz's group checking out the bigger pen with the older 3. It takes them a minute to realize it's their old friend Baloo coming to say hi!

Then it's business as usual checking out all the fun new things in this new place!

Lunch for the older 3 is a great time for the younger kids to try this new stuff!

Hey! What is this stuff? It's pretty good! Look ma....I'm eatin' it! I'll be weaned in no time!

Mom! Take me with you! Pleeeeeease!!!!

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