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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The older raccoons in the days after release.

Sunday, the morning after their release I headed into the woods to check things out. Quinny as usual was eating! Didn't take him long to find the main feeding station.
I walked further and spotted one of the twins in a tree, so I started calling to him. Well all I heard was a bunch of woooo wups and churring, then a crashing noise through the bushes....

.....and the rest of the gang comes running out to see mom!! They came running so fast I didn't have time to get the camera pointed, LOL! But Mo, Tosser, Rollo and the other twin all came running and were joined by the twin who came down from the tree.

Mo is sooooo happy to see mom!

One of the twins rushing in.

After cuddles, scratches and reassurances that it would be alright, they finally went of to play some more.

Monday I found one of the twins hanging in the same tree again so I ran to the house to get my camera because of course I forgot it! When I came back the food bucket was already being raided. But it wasn't Stinky or Nosey like I expected!

It was Red....and she proceeded to follow me on my rounds filling up the feeders.

Snagging a few treats here and there too!

We found Quinny hanging in the den box at the main feeding station. He wouldn't come out once he realized I had company in the form of a momma raccoon that just kept huffing and growling at him!

Mo was in another tree near the twins (Nosey) tree. They both came down and proceeded to follow me around....Mo was very vocal and really wanted some attention from me. Poor guy already has a nice gash on one of his front paws. I'll keep and eye on it, but it should heal up fine. He and Nosey were hanging out together following each other around. They popped back into the pen for some food then off they went again....

No sign of Rollo, To or Stinky this time but I'm sure I'll run into them eventually.
Tuesday it finally rained. I once again found Mo and Nosey hanging out in the same tree I originally found them in. Seems to be their "safe spot" out there. It's got a nice canopy of leaves too, so they were snuggled together on a branch keeping fairly dry.

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