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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The landscapers & some of my other friends.

First we have my wonderful lawn care crew!
What would a lawn be without the fertilizers......
Then there are the weed whackers....I have 2 of those and they do a wonderful job! Work great on dandelions!!

Does a quick job of scoping out the weeds......

.....and right to work!

The excavators aren't very neat, but they are very quick at making big holes!

And of course the lawn mowers. Wonderful job they do and fast because there are lots of them!

Just a few of my other friends around the yard! Lots of great blue heron's on my pond. I found 6 of them roosting in the trees by the feeding station one night.

The little muskrats are just as busy as the beavers out in the water.

Plenty of snakes like to warm themselves on my driveway on nice sunny days.

The turkey's have made themselves right at home here now! Coffee break on the railing outside my kitchen window. (after fertilizing the lawn of course!)

I love it when all the turtles come up and start laying their eggs in my lawn! There are some pretty big snappers in that pond and their excavations are much bigger than the job the smaller painted turtles do.

And of course the geese. Believe it or not, they are not great fertilizers. Just an occasional visit with some of the kids! They assist with pest control more than anything.

2 families hanging out together here....
A pair with 9 babies! Holy cow!

...and a pair with 1 baby. Boy do they have it easy!

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  1. Looks like a great place to live, for you and all your neighbors.