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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's Pansy!

This is the new girl, Pansy. She's being very helpful here assisting me as I prepare the outside pen for Michelle and the younger gang.
Yup..this tree is secure!

This branch is a little wobbly.....
This tree is perfect!

She reminds me a lot of Lexi...she's got the same face. She will start to get supervised visits with the younger kids during the day as soon as the necropsy results come back (if ever!!) and I know they were not exposed to anything contagious. She will have to come inside at night until her vaccines are boostered though. Have to make sure she is not exposed to anything by the wild coonies that might visit the cage area at night until she's had enough vaccines to protect her.

I did try a brief introduction to the older NCIS and Attitude kids.....she was not very pleased about that at all! Although she's the same size as them, she's been a single coonie so she would probably be more comfortable with the smaller ones, but we'll see.

Drake and Quarry, the boy and girl from the Dracut Quarry who were buried by the asphalt landslide, are doing great and will be out of quarantine on Sunday I believe......then I can get pics of them once I don't have to worry about contaminating the camera! They will also join Pansy out in the shed and all 3 can eventually be introduced to the younger kids making one big group of 11!

The skunks are great...eating solids regularly and getting ready to go outside if I can get a pen set up. Sammy the Muskrat is hitching a ride with JoAnn to Tufts this morning to get checked out. He's loosing weight despite eating well so I want him checked, not being all that familiar with them or their ailments. Lets keep our fingers crossed for him! (At least I think it's a him! LOL Not quite as obvious as coonies!) I really like the little guy!

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