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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom and the little kit visit again.

I went out back last night to pay a visit to Red if she was around and I was pleasantly surprised by these two! Momma is a shy girl so I stayed back about 30 feet to watch them. Unfortunately that meant this type of picture of them from my crappy camera! I kept talking to her and she let me edge forward closer to them! I'm not sure who it is, she's skittish but tolerant of me so she's definitely got to be one of my gang.
Trusting enough to let me get this close finally! Awesome! The little one followed mom's long as she was ok with me, so was the baby. Of course mom was still keeping a very close eye on me as wrong move and she was ready to get her baby outta there.
They both enjoyed dinner....I was pretty surprised such a little kit was even munching on the dog chow. This one seems mature beyond it's age luckily!

They're not staying in the den box. Eventually mom signalled for the little one to follow her and off they went into the woods. It was a relief to see they are doing well! Hopefully I'll get some good video of them on the cooncam!

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  1. This is awesome. The little one is so darn cute! The mom definitely likes you and trusts you. Can she be one of your gang's kit? Perhaps one of Ringer's or Belle's? Were you able to see Red last night?