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Sunday, June 13, 2010

NCIS meets attitude!

The NCIS crew had graduated to the shed, wreaking havoc climbing all over the place as many past litters had! Cute as can be they enjoyed their new playground.

Then it was finally time to meet the big boys! So I brought them out to the outdoor pen for a meet and greet with the Attitde boys. A couple of the big boys were not too thrilled about the smaller, new arrivals to begin with.....
But within half an hour the little kids and the big boys were fast friends!

They all even eat in peace together! Amazing!

They did so well I was able to leave the little kids out there with big boys instead of putting them back in their crate in the shed! They have the run of the smaller outdoor section of the pen and the indoor section and they are LOVING it!!! A lot more room for running and big trees for climbing....awesome!

Gibbs, Dinozo, McGee, Abbey, Ziva, LL, The Rock, Gerry, Vin and Bruce are officially one big happy family!

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  1. Deanna, you take such excellent photos of these sweetie pies! They all belong on Cute Overload or Holy Cuteness, lol.
    I love that the little guys with attitude have become buds with the big boys. :)