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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poor little Sammy.

Well I'm saddened to say we lost Sammy. Tuft's said he was doing great and ready to come back. I got him last night and to be honest he didn't seem that well to me. But I got him settled in his bathtub suite, tried to feed him but he would have none of it, then set up all kinds of goodies in his cage to munch on. When I got up this morning to feed him he was dead. No idea why...and I'm not sending him off either. He's now in a nice peaceful spot overlooking my pond where he would have been released.
Laurie got Phillip's ashes back to me as well. I'm thinking I'll spread them at the release site we bring his sister and step-siblings to....
I have 5 more stinkers heading my way. Laurie is going to get them in and settled and re-hydrated for tonight since I'm working late then right back in to work first thing in the morning. I also have 2 more coonies coming this weekend that I don't really have room for, but there is no place one has room! I'm more stressed worrying about what will happen to them then I will be dealing with them when they get here sooooooooo...........

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