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Monday, June 14, 2010

The little kit

Got some cute video of the tiny kit at the feeding platform. I don't think they are still there. It appears they left the night I found them there. Something may have happened to the original den and mom just needed a place to stop and regroup with the one kit she had. It's unusual for one so young to be out traveling with mom yet so I hope they are safe. It will be a lot easier for mom to keep an eye on and protect just one kit though so hopefully things will go well for them.

These kits are the proper size to be out traveling with mom now. You can see the difference between the little guy and this crew! As you can see it's quite a busy station which is why most don't use the den box up's just a place to hang out while visiting each night, however it is good for emergency situations as may have been the case here.

No sign of mom or kit after this so hopefully she got the little one some place safe...although I have to say, it was pretty good at getting around! Mom wasn't carrying it up and down the tree....he(or she) was doing it all by itself!

Good luck little one....I'll be keeping my eyes out for ya to see how you do!


  1. Thanks for the videos! Your main feeding station really has a lot of activities at night. It must be a great meeting place for mother coons and kits.

    I'd love to be out there with them (day or night) but I'm sure if I'm out there or if they sense any inklings of humans (except you) are outside, they would disappear. I guess I can only come visit your blog to watch and experience this online.

  2. It's great for the mom's and kits! This is the time the boys stay far, far away from it while they are there! The boys sneak in when all the girls and kids have left or go to another feeder. And you're wouldn't see hide nor hair of a single coonie if you went out there....even if I came with you! They don't like people (I'm not a people...I'm the mama and they still think I'm a raccoon! LOL)

    But that's why I love talking about them you all can see there is more to them than you read or hear about, and learn to love 'em like I do! :)

  3. Wonderful videos! I'm just starting to see the kits around the Retreat now. Always a lot of fun. There are always one or two that are extremely inquisitive. (Though these are completely wild). ATB!

  4. Oh Deanna (I hope you don't mind me calling your name), you are a hybrid; a raccoon mamma and a very nice person all in one! LOL

    I'm so glad that I was able to come across to read your blog. I developed a very special affection towards raccoons since high school. My family has a cherry tree in the backyard very close to our kitchen window. One night, probably after midnight, I heard a lot of tree rustlings and water dripping sounds. At first I thought it was raining so I approached the kitchen window with the intention to close it but then I noticed movements in the tree. Raccoons!! And a LOT of them having a big feast. The water dripping sounds I heard was actually the sounds they made when eating the cherries. LOL My mother wasn't too enthusiastic about them but I was overly excited. I watched them eating, climbing and enjoying our cherries; one even hung upside down right outside the window with its head staring straight at me. That was the closest encounter and pretty much my only encounter I experienced. Since that night, I never saw them again. I guess I must have disrupted their feast and they didn't like one bit.