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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My squirrely friends.

A bunch of the released squirrels are still hanging out and mooching off of me! A couple will still come up and take some treats from me....most likely from my gang of 6 that I raised. cute it that! This one follows me around begging until I go get it some treats! LOL
Reminds me of JoAnn's Luna that was released here a couple years ago who literally used to follow me around everywhere I went in the woods for a while.

So sucker that I am, I get a big bucket of nuts and put it out there for them to snack on....and the whole gang appears. They hang out and play and eat and watch me walk back and forth while I go about my business taking care of the coonies outside.

Right now there are 5 new squirrels in the release pen. 4 are from JoAnn and 1 that had been rescued by the animal control officer. I call him Little Monster because he was an older baby and tried to attack me whenever I went near the cage! It was a race to see if I could throw his food and water in there and clean the litter box before he got to me to try to tear me apart! LOL He's much happier in the huge release pen with 4 friends now. I can at least go in there without fear of attack.
Laurie will be bringing some red squirrels soon to go into one of the other squirrel pens for release so almost up to a full house again!

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