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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leave it to Red!

All in all, a pretty great ending to a crappy couple of days thanks to Red! I was out filling the feeders and as I stepped up to reach one on top of a platform, I was surprised to find myself nose to nose with an equally surprised raccoon! We both jumped and fell was comical! When I started talking and the coonie responded in kind churring back at me I was thrilled to realize it was Red! I haven't seen her since last fall! She was very happy to see mom again and as per our usual routine last year, she proceeded to follow me while I filled the other feeders to make sure I was doing it right! Perfect timing for a perfect visit! She must have known I needed it!
C'mer and give me a hug mom! (Yes-she did proceed to climb up my leg into my arms! It would have been a good time to be wearing jeans...Ouch! LOL)
I went and got her one of her favorite treats and we hung out for a while. She's definitely a mom and she looks great!
Lexi also joined us. A little more skittish...she didn't want much attention, but she stuck around and checked out the treats I had (not to her liking I might add)....also definitely a mom!

Pretty soon some of the other mom's started sifting in....some too shy with me around so I got outta there to allow them a chance to eat in peace before everyone else came in.

And notice the sun? Here it is in full color people....Yes, raccoons do come out in the daytime, and no it doesn't mean they are sick! In the course of half an hour I had 3 out there....all very healthy and all just moms looking to eat quickly and get back to the kids!

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