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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It just keeps getting worse...

I came home after work yesterday to take care of the crew before heading up to Tufts with Laurie and Phil's body. His necropsy is being done there. I found Tosser dead in his cage. He had obviously been out eating and drinking and had used the litter box like normal. I am not sending him away to find out what happened. He's home for good now where he belongs. Best we can figure...if he was electrocuted in some way, pulmonary edema is usually a concern, so a heart attack is possible. I was just so surprised as he was doing so well......
Little Bramble has also been lost. Though dealing with parvo, she was still bright and active when she got her fluids before we left for Tufts. When I went down for the night feeding, she had severe hemorrhagic diarrhea and was crashing quickly and finally died. Thus far (knock on wood, cross my fingers and god willing!!!), Thorny and Thistle are still eating and acting fine....but I'm walkin' on egg shells now!! This is a very bad strain! Nothing like the one Raquel and River had last year.
I can't wait till this week is over and I hope the next updates are happier!!


  1. I'm new to your blog, started reading it from the beginning this past weekend. I'm still reading your 2009 entries and was curious about some of your favourite coonies, so I did a search on various names, and I found this awful awful news on Toto. Although I don't know your coonies, I love them anyways. Can't imagine how you are feeling right now. At least one comfort is, just like you've said, that he's home, he was with you till the end and he knew he was loved. I felt awful too.

  2. Thanks so much! He was a special boy and will be missed! It's comforting to know there are others out there who enjoy the gang...they all have a story that shows that they are so much more than "just another animal". People think I'm crazy because I care about them...but how can you not once you get to know them! And for those who can't know a raccoon in person...well this is the place to get the next best thing.. and I'm thrilled to know others care about them. We area an uncommon breed! :)