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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some lives come to an end while others begin anew.

Thistle and Thorny have joined their sister Bramble. Both finally succumbed to the parvo I'm saddened to say. But I didn't have long to dwell on it! The very next day I think they all came back to haunt me...LOL
My Dad calls to tell me a baby robin fell out of a nest in his yard. I have him try to re-nest it twice! Finally after the third time on the ground, I have him take it in and go over to get it. While I'm there I check under the nest for the heck of it. A second of the 3 babies are on the ground! I know where this is going, so I just take in that one also. Enter 2 baby robins....
While I'm collecting the robins, another call comes in for a baby bird! What the heck! So this little guy joins the crew (maybe a grackle or starling??)....3 new baby birds I have no clue what to do with....
The single baby didn't seem as vibrant and active as the older robins....something that was easily remedied....I put him in with the other 2 and it was a world of difference!

All 3 very happily snuggled together. I got all the info I could about caring for the little ones from a bird rehabber to hopefully keep them healthy and well while I looked for a rehabber with room to take them in....these guys have to eat every half hour from sunrise to sunset!! Holy crap!! All the bird rehabbers out there deserve a gold medal! I only had them for 2 days and I don't know how anyone can do that all season long!
Luckily for the birds I managed to find someone with room who I am sure will do a much better job than me! Good luck little fellas!
While I was out filling the feeders this afternoon I happened to notice some movement on the top den box platform at the main station. It was a little kit! Too young to have followed mom there. It was not crying or alarmed, just appeared to be checking out the area around the den box. As I started walking over to check it out, mom suddenly appears and climbs up to the den box, greets the kit and brings it back into the box. I reached up with the camera and snapped off a picture and managed to get this before a growling, huffing and protective mamma stashed the little one further into the box. Awwwww!

I can only wonder how long they've been there. I would be surprised to find they were there all along without me knowing. I'm down there every day and would have heard something! Not to mention all the other coonies that hang out down there. I'm wondering if she may have just moved in there for some reason. I've got the camera set up down there again now so hopefully we'll see what's going on.
We hope to have the necropsy results on Phillip back tomorrow possibly. The rabies test was thing eliminated. That also means I can have the body back so Phillip is coming home for good. The rest of his gang continue to do great!

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