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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check it out!

Ok....I have been putting all the pictures I take to good use and have designed some greeting cards with them. I am slowly but surely getting them together and listing them on Etsy to drum up support for the cause! Before I go nuts and start loading them all on there (because I have quite a few....and plan to make more!!!) I would love opinions/suggestions/criticisms etc. My fellow raccoon lovers....let me know what you think/want etc. so I can proceed according to your wants and needs!

I have listed a few on the link in the right column (your other right JoAnn!! hehe) that says Etsy-greeting cards by Rascal Rescue and let me know!

One issue I ponder is not using the paypal as a payment option.... only because they take a cut as well, and by the time everyone gets their fees taken out, the babies get less and less!

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