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Friday, July 4, 2008

Introducing Roxy

Here's Roxy! A beautiful little girl JoAnn has been caring for since getting her last month. And what a wonderful job she did! Now it's time for Roxy to meet other raccoons and join the gang. She already loves Tosser and Mohican. They spent a few days at Auntie JoAnn's while I had a visit with some friends on Martha's Vineyard, so she got to know the little boys.


Tosser in all his cuteness! Oh I could just kiss him to death he's so cute!

Roxy takes the high ground in the big kids pen!

Cute little Stinky. Roxy likes Stinky and Nosey too because they also stayed with Auntie JoAnn and they all had a wonderful sleepover together.

Tugger the acrobat!

Awwww! Roxy plays with the twins.

Teddy confronts Roxy! (and wins believe it or not!) Hard to believe that little tyke could get the bigger girl to back down, but she is out of her element after all.

Roxy finds the hammock.....and loves it! Then again what coonie doesn't love the hammocks!

Roxy has been having supervised visits in with the gang to get them all used to each other. For the most part they check her out then go about their crazy antics again. Occasionally someone tries to pick a fight, but they'll all adjust eventually. I added Tosser and Mo to the mix with Roxy this morning so she would feel a little more comfortable with more friends joining her. The gang really liked the boys and Mo had a grand ole' time running around like a mad man.

Thanks JoAnn for taking the little kids while I went away and Laurie for taking care of the older kids while I was gone. I couldn't have done it without you both!!!!!

Mary has been sick with pneumonia and bronchitis. Too busy taking care of all the babies coming in and not herself! A couple days at the hospital and she is home and starting to feel better thank goodness! I'm so glad she's doing better......Get some rest chicky!! It's a miracle we havn't all ended up like that!

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