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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ringer has 4!

Ok, just came in from out back. Not too much activity around 10pm. After a couple minutes of talking out loud, Ringer came in to the coondo. Followed by 2 kits.....then I was so wrong about her kit count! She took some fig newtons and scratches from me, but wouldn't settle.

Then I heard someone calling from the bushes. Sure enough she went out there, then came back and kept pacing, then running up to me for scratches, then pacing again. I decided someone was too shy to come I moved away. Ringer followed, with 2 of her kits on her tail. A couple minutes later, I looked back at the coondo and there were 2 kits up there. One more good back scratch from me, then she ran back to the coondo ( with 2 very cute rolly polly butts waddling behind her) collected the 2 there, everyone met in the middle, then she marched back to me. She's got 4...boy was I wrong all right.

I can't believe it but all 4 followed her right up to me as she asked me for one last scratch! I didn't move to try to pet them or anything....I knew they wouldn't let me.....but they all came up to my feet for a curious sniff. Then Ringer took off into the bushes by the water and one call from her and they were quick to follow.

It was so comical to watch them. They are HUGE....almost as big as her already, and beautiful! What a wonderful mom she is....and a wonderful feeling to know she is doing so well out there and willing to let me remain a part of her life.

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