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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The kits are getting big!

Pretty soon it will be hard to tell the kits from the moms! They are growing fast out there. Here are a few cute pics of the gang hanging out.
Look at the little rolly polly porkers! Ha!

Here is Popeye (top) and Foxy sneaking in for a meal after all the moms and kits are done!

A late morning feeding...I think this is Belle, but she and Ringer look pretty identical except for their personality's and some distinguishing scars they have that this pic doesn't show me! Belle's scar is on her face but I need to see her face front to see it.

Went out last night and ran into Screech and I think I saw Goofball!! He's the smiling poster boy on the title of the blog. I have not seen him in soooooo long.....since early winter. It was dark and the flashlight didn't give me the best look. He was shy, but did take a fig newton from me and just hung out while I watched him and tried to decide for sure if it was him! Must have been boys night out....none of the girls were around.

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