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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The kids in the "REALLY big" big boys pen

This is the door separating the little kids from the really big kids cage. This was taken from inside the little kids section. Now that the little kids are older they are getting supervised visits into the 10ft section of the cage. There are 3 older coons in there (you can see one peeking in here!) and they have had many weeks to get to know each other through the gate.

It was finally time to open the gate and allow the little kids in to check out the bigger cage. One of the older coons wasn't so thrilled! He took refuge in his favorite box, occasionally pushing open the door to peek out! It was sooooo funny watching such a big boy hide from such little ones!

Needless to say the little kids couldn't be bothered with the older ones, they were so excited to have higher trees to climb and a bigger pool to play in!

Seeker in all his glory!

Tugger and Buster check out the pool.

One of the terrible twosome (I think it's Nosey) takes a swim.

Roxy greets one of the older girls.

Tugger enjoys the hanging shelf.

Teddy greets one of the older girls.

Stinky takes the hard way down a tree.

Clover plays with Gray, one of the older coons.

Gimme that camera! Roxy grabs for the lens.

Roxy and Buster mess around on a tree.

As you can see the gang had a great time playing in the bigger pen and everyone got along great! It does have to be supervised though, because even though they all get along, the older ones are much bigger and don't know their own strength when they play and I have to be careful they don't hurt the little ones by accident.

I don't let Tosser and Mohican run around in there too much yet...they are still a little small for the cage and the heights in there. I have to watch them like a hawk so they have briefly checked it out, but I usually leave them in their pen for now while supervising the others in the bigger pen.

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