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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The truth about the coyote!

The coyote is often feared and misunderstood. When one is seen, all the worst case scenarios go through a persons head. But once you get a little info from an expert, and happen to be in the right place at the right time with a camera, a new light is shed on the situation!

A friend recently wrote me about a coyote problem in her neighborhood and asked for advice. It's hanging around, killing turkeys and small animals (some unfortunate small pets), and there was a fear for kids in the neighborhood and other pets. I recommended she talk to Belmont's animal control officer, John. He is an expert on coyotes and lectures quite frequently on them.

After contacting him, Celine had this update for me!

Well The coyote story had a lot more to it. Come to find out the female was living in the woods behind us with 5 pups !!! Cute as ever they are . ( I will send along some pics).Plus the male is out and about also. They come prancing through the yard on a daily basis.

So I ended up calling John Maguranis in Belmont for advice.He's the nicest guy ever. He talked to me for almost an hour on the phone regarding coyotes and there behavior , what to do etc. He totally reassured me they are not out to eat me and all my critters ..LOL.... Told me not to worry to much about my feral cat as she is certainly aware that they are here and she is a WILD animal also. And very aware of her surroundings ..........So thanks again for referring me to someone who actually knows the facts on these creatures .

I now have a new found respect for them and find them very interesting .... I now find myself looking for them, often with camera in hand...There have been no other incidents with the Turkeys . Actually several times the coyote has come through the yard and the Turkeys just look at him like "Yuh try it".And he just keeps on walking. One neighbor said she actually saw 2 turkeys chase the coyote one morning...John told me it is highly unusual for them to attack Wild Turkeys . But the one she did kill in my yard that day was injured (one leg).The sick and injured go first. So he was easy prey and they are an opportunistic hunter.....

And even better.... she got pics!

Thanks for the wonderful story Celine. So glad everyone is able to be friends and work it out....and that you had your camera ready this day!!! Awesome pics! Very cute!

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