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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More fun!

Just some various pics of the gang again. Look how much they have grown! Here's a perfect example of the size range. We have the smallest guy Tosser in front followed by Seeker, one of the biggest boys!

Another group wrestle in the hammock.

Mohican rolls his eyes at mom agin....taking more pics as usual!

Teddy hanging out.

Growler gets chewed on by Buster and kissed by Tosser.

My little Toto....Tosser in all his cuteness.

Seeker decides to pose for "Playcoon". What a sexy beast!

Seeker being a wiseguy as he plows over Buster to try to get to the bottle, then tries to take it from Tosser while he eats!

Buster wants to take up the flute so he's practicing hard here!

Buster and Seeker wrestle it out over a bottle they will never get!

Would you trust that face??? Seeker is definitely up to no good, the little devil!

Growler tries out her sexy pose for "Playcoon".

The little kids chow down before the big kids invade. Tosser and Mohican in the middle and Nosey and Stinky are the bookends.

My cuties Toto and Momo! (My pet names for Tosser and Mohican)

As you can see they are all just as cute as ever and loving life! Tosser and Mo are going to have to possibly winter over because they are so small. I'm not sure if they will catch up to the rest of the gang when it comes to packing on the weight in time. But since the new guy will probably have to stay and will need company, it will be the perfect situation for them all.

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