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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fishing, grapes & a walk in the woods.

Well the gang had a blast fishing for minnows the other day! No one ate any of them....but they sure enjoyed catching them then playing with them! The water turned muddy pretty fast with all 11 getting in on it.

Tosser with his catch! (or rather the catch he stole!!)

Surprisingly, Tosser was the most excited! He kept running down, grabbing a fish (usually from someone else after they fished it out!) and bringing it up to play with it on a shelf. He did this about 5 times.....back and forth....back and forth! What a riot to watch!
Here he is running up a tree to a shelf away from everyone after stealing someones fish! Too funny!!

Stinky chills....he lost interest pretty quickly....once they stopped wiggling!

The excitement of fishing set the was all out craziness for a while after the fishing!

Nosey says "Thanks for the fish mom!"

Tugger with her "crazy, I'm gonna pounce on you" look.

Mmmmmmmm.....yummy grapes!!

Tosser on his walk in the woods.

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