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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OMG! It was Fuzzball!

I just realized who it was I saw out there with Screech last night! It has been BUGGING me all day because I was not 100% sure it was Goofball I saw. He is unique enough looking that I should have no doubt it's him when I see him. I knew it wasn't Smokey, Feisty or Sarge Goof was the only other option, even though I had my doubts....But I forgot about Fuzzball! Or rather I should say, I assumed Fuzzball to have succumbed to some terrible accident because he just disappeared 2 weeks after his release , which was very unusual. He was one of the friendlier ones and always quick to greet me (one of the very few that loved to have the bottoms of his back feet rubbed! hehe). Though I didn't expect to see him EVERY day the longer they were out there, something had to happen to make him just suddenly disappear that soon, because I never saw him again.

That's why I had so much trouble figuring out who it was.....I had already written him off! I never even considered him when I went through the options in my head....I have no doubt whatsoever now and it has TOTALLY MADE MY DAY to know he is out there and ok still!

As you can see, it doesn't take much to make my day! Lol!

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