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Monday, June 2, 2008

Belle takes the girls out & Silly has kits!

It was time to let Belle decide what's best for the girls. I opened the release window today. She had done a lot of digging in the outside section of the pen last night trying to get out and I knew she was ready. So about 3:30 I opened the window and she didn't waste any time. Out she went and hung out in the tree for a few minutes to get her bearings.

Then back in for one last check to make sure the girls are safe.......

....and off she went. No hesitation, she moved like she was on a mission. That gave me the perfect chance to get the cutest pictures ever of Bella and Macy! Awwwwww!!!!!

Macy is the character with the dark mask on the right, Bella with the lighter on the left.

About 7pm I'm heading out to feed the babies and look what I come across. Belle is back to collect the girls! She was very patient and kept coaxing them on.

Bella made it to the ground but Macy slipped, caught herself and just clung to the branch eventually heading back toward the window. I headed inside to kind of push her to the ground to join mom and sis. Then I heard one of the adjoining residents bark and when I looked out the window they had just disappeared!

Macy ended up regaining her footing, but with no one to follow she just went back inside and took refuge back in her den box, poor girl! She must have been so frightened and confused!

But no need to fret. I knew Belle would come back. She's too good a mom! Sure enough I was out checking on Macy and in pops Belle through the window. Macy was sooooooo happy to see mom! Mom checked her over, then went back outside and guided Bella back into the pen. I left the happily reunited Macy sitting outside the den box with her sister while listening to the sound of Belle crunching her food down on the floor.

In the process of looking out in the woods before Belle returned, I ran across Silly at the feeding platform and she wasn't alone! She's got a couple of kits tagging along now too!!

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