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Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeding time!

Is it me or does Seeker have big ears?? Poor guy, he'll grow into them! The 4 older kids are weaned and scoffing down crunchy puppy chow.

Growler has some food stuck in her teeth!

Seeker does not want to share with Nosey!

Another laughing raccoon!

Clover enjoys some crunchy puppy chow too.

Who knows what Buster was up to here!

The laughing Clover!

Buster says his prayers before going back to his cage and bedtime!

One bottle was not enough.......Tosser wants more, more, more!!!!

Mohican sucks my thumb.

Tosser and Mohican after their bottles.

One of the twins, Nosey, want more too!

The twins are finally starting to settle down a little. Finally a little quiet time after dinner instead of the constant screaming for Stinky!

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