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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here they come!

Here is the gang starting early last night. Mom's and kits all over the place! Everyone is getting along pretty well for the most part also.

When I showed up the kits all ran up the trees while the mom's came running to say Hi to me....and get the treats they know I brought them too!! This is Lexi & Silly.

Eventually the kits realized if their mom's thought I was OK, then I must be! Silly's were the bravest as you can see here. They even gave my hands a little sniff or two before putting a little distance between us.

Finally the rest of the gang started coming back down the trees and hanging out while the big, scary stranger was there!

There were kits hanging everywhere! Here you can see 5 of the crowd of many. All the kits have a blast playing with each's like a big kit daycare tree hangout. All the kids get to play with each other while the mom's visit and chat over lunch! ha ha It's definitely a safe place for them to eat....up high on a raised platform with very easy access to trees makes for safety from any possible predators for the kits.

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