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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The terrible twosome!

I had to bring the noisy obnoxious twins inside last night. I went out to feed at midnight. As usual they were extremely loud the whole time. Well then I hear a thud on top of the shed roof. After putting my heart back in my chest, I go out to investigate. There is Belle looking down at me! The sound of crying babies and into super mom mode she goes!

I call her down and she comes over and we chat about the kids and I tell her as much as I would LOVE to pawn these 2 off on her....I just couldn't to that to her! Ha Ha! Then I walk her back over to her pen where she heads up the tree and in to her own babies.

So I brought the big mouths back into the house so their noise would not keep distracting her since now that her release window is open she can get over there and keep trying to get to them.

Their names are Stinky and Nosey now by the way. Should be screamer #1 and #2!!!

This morning the den box is empty and Belle and her babies are out in the real world now. I'm going to worry about them, but I know Belle is a great mom and they are in good hands!

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