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Friday, June 6, 2008

Updates on everyone!

Here we have the twins....the terrible twosome themselves....Stinky & Nosey sucking down dinner! It is the only time they sit still and it only lasts about 4 seconds!

Next we have Tosser & Mohican. Look how big our Tosser boy is getting! He's the one on top.

Mohican gives us a couple poses for the camera. He's a little darker and bigger than Tosser.

Tosser says Hi everyone!! Look at what a little fluff ball he is! He's got long wavy fur compared to Mo's smooth coat.

Last but not least....the wild older crew! Today was their first day spending some time in the smaller section of the big boy pen. They loved it! They had trees to climb, den boxes to explore and dirt to dig in. It's only a matter of time before they can go out there permanently.

Buster looks down from the den boxes.

Seeker finds some pine needles to play with.

Growler stops for a picture.

Teddy perches on the top of a tree.

Growler, Buster & Tugger all want the top of the tree!

Buster heads for the top.

Growler checks out Teddy. Look how petite Teddy is. Tugger is petite like him too. I can't believe Tugger & Growler are siblings. Tugger is tiny like Teddy and Clover, Growler is bigger like Buster & Seeker.

Everyone likes this tree!

Buster plays with the pine needles.

Seeker discovers the hammock.....and loves it!

So there's this years crew for now. They are all doing great and getting along very well. Pretty soon the twins will be joining them.....God help them! I hope the twins don't drive the big kids crazy!

The gang out back was released again. Popeye managed to get out all on his own and I found him in the den box on top of the pen. So I opened the door to let the rest of the crew out. All their wounds have healed nicely and hopefully they learned their lessons and will do a better job avoiding conflict out there!

Silly and her adorable kits were down at the feeding station and Smokey showed up but decided not to chance going up on the platform with a mom and her babies up there....even if it is his sister!

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