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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Screech is back

It just never ends with these guys! I went out to the release pen to see if Daisy was still using it. What I found was a LOT of blood....on top of the cage, on bushes and leaves next to the cage, and a trail all throughout the cage....leading to one of the den boxes. I expected to find Daisy as she had been the one using it, but imagine my surprise when Screech poked his head out. Laurie came by and we checked him out.

The foot with the old wound from the first attempt at release is pretty swollen and appears to have new injuries on the underside of this one. He must have cut it last night (or more likely someone cut it for him!) and decided to take refuge back home.

So he moved out of the den box we were bugging him in while we checked him out and moved over to a den box less accessible to our prodding hands....a little gimpy but he can use it if he really has to.

So once again the pen is closed up while he is given a chance to heal up. With all the blood I saw I'm going to keep a closer eye on him. Daisy will have to use the den box on top of the pen for now.

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