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Friday, June 20, 2008

Graduation, cheerios & playtime.

The 8 older kids have graduated to staying out in the big boys cage full time now! Plus they have the added indoor room open to them now. Belle and the girls never returned to it so the kids now have more room to run, climb and play!

Seeker still hasn't grown into his ears!

Growler enjoys an animal cracker.

Buster is just too cute for words...a VERY relaxed eater!

Tugger enjoying lunch and making sure I get a good close up!

Growler and Buster rough housing in the hammock.

Clover relaxing (very briefly!) in the hammock.

Buster enjoys a cheerio in his usual relaxed manner.

Seeker also enjoys Cheerios in the hammock, until a wrestling Teddy & Clover drive him out.

Teddy poses for his closeup!

Seeker wants up in mommy's lap!

Growler enjoys a tummy tickle in mommy's lap.

Teddy helps mom give Tugger some tickles.

Seeker poses for his closeup.

Clover plays with mom.

Growler and Buster are the first to explore the new room.

I was out briefly on Wednesday night around midnight and no one was at the feeding station. I did run into Popeye with his sister Foxy this time at one of the other raised feeders. It was great to see them still hanging out together and they were both looking great!

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