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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kits everywhere!

I just paid a quick visit out to the feeding station and there were mom's and kits everywhere! The first to greet me were Silly and Lexi! I havn't seen Lexi in a while and she appears to be a mom now too. There were at least 8 kits in the tree and top platform. Ringer came in next, followed by Belle with Bella and Macy. Popeye even showed up! He was in a playful, silly mood and wisely avoiding all the girls! Red popped in next with a great big hello.

There were so many kits and mom's shuffling around I couldn't keep track of how many and who belonged to who. Hopefully the coondo camera caught some good pics and I'll post them when I download them.

Screech is doing fine....he wants out but he's a little too gimpy for me to feel comfortable letting him go just yet. I sprayed some antibiotic spray on his wound to help speed the healling along.

The giant swarm of mosquitoes finally got the better of me and I had to come in!

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