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Friday, June 27, 2008

The cuteness continues.

Mother!!!! Are you going to come in and play with us or what!
Seeker (aka Dumbo!!) Still waiting for him to grow into those ears! of the terrible twosome.

Fun in the hammock with Seeker....


Stinky again.....

Nosey, the other half of the terrible twosome....

Clover again.....

Tugger making her way to mom's lap.

Little Teddy masters the big trees.

Growler wrestling in mom's lap as usual!

Tugger splashes around.

Seeker wants up into mom's lap.

Teddy in all his cuteness.

Clover tugging on the string holding my sweatpants up!


Buster sees something interesting out there.

Clover reclines in the hammock.

Growler says Mom!! Pick me up!!!!

Went out back last night and ran into Red, Belle, Foxy, Daisy and Popeye. Popeye is limping again but quick enough to run away and climb trees so I think he'll be fine. I'll keep going out to check on him. Since I let Screech go (again!) the other night, they have the cage for refuge if needed. There were lots of other eyes out there but no one else came in to pay a visit.

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