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Monday, June 2, 2008

Teddy moves in.

Teddy is officially out of quarantine now also! He has moved in with Clover next to the big kids. Everyone gets along well during playtime after eating.

Teddy is still a little unsure, but the big kids are friendly to him....especially Buster and Seeker. They have really taken a liking to him.

Again, the best pics always end up blurry, but Buster spent a lot of time carrying this ball around. It was comical watching him try to walk while holding it in his hands!

Here are the twins. I like to think of them as the psycho twins! Oh my god they never shut up and hyper as all heck! This was the only way to get a picture of them....they are just all over the place!!! They will be able to get out some of that energy tomorrow. Their quarantine is over and they will be able to run around with the big kids too!

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