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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All the boys having fun!

Well it's a group of bachelor's staying the winter this year and what fun they are having! Little Quinny continues to amaze me how well he has adapted to the big cage. He hasn't given me a single heart attack with a misstep or close call or fall yet! He figured out how to get around and go between sections of the cage faster than any of them ever did. And don't piss him off either! He makes the biggest of them back down when he wants!
Here are all the little maniacs enjoying a pleasant afternoon the other day!


Quinny checking out mom from above!

Kiss me you fool!

Quinny wrestles with mom.

Hi there!, from Stinky!

Wrestling in the pool. Mo yanks on poor Tosser's head!



Quinny & Toto wrestling in the hammock

A little privacy please mom!!!!Quinny would be mortified to know I posted this on the Internet!! But I'm so proud of my little man using the litter box like a good boy.



Mo loves this swinging tire & it's amazing how well he maneuvers on it!

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