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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clover, Roxy & Meeko go to Mary's.

The first 3 members of the gang are at Mary's now....slowly getting the other 2 pairs used to other coonies before the onslaught of the rest of my wild and crazy gang! Everyone else will be brought over on Wednesday.
Roxy finds a new toy.
Meeko finds a boiled egg....yummmmmm.....

......and tells Bear where to go when he tries to help her eat it!

Winny actually leaping toward the camera.

Then relaxing.......

This is all we saw of Sugar while we were there!

But her brother Oaky was curious enough to check things out.

This was a popular toy with Clover & Oaky.

Mary's Bear & Winny.

Clover really enjoyed this toy.

Winny, then Bear want some attention.

Roxy finds a fun toy.

Ran into Popeye out back last night...lookin' good as usual!

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