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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red give me the runaround.

OK...spent Wednesday night looking for Red since my vet was going to be in on Thursday also. This time I gave up at 1am. My vet is gone for the weekend now. So wouldn't ya know I go out there tonight and within 2 minutes who shows up? You betcha! Red. Unbelievable!!! The good news is that the jowels are getting smaller again and I checked her other lymph nodes a little more thoroughly and nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever it was, it appears to be resolving itself. She's still acting fine and eating well so I'll just keep an eye on her out there.

Rollo looks pretty silly with a very floppy ear due to a hematoma! But it will be fine and will eventually relsolve itself also.

Well the gang was released and are doing well......I'll get more into that tomorrow once I get the pics downloaded. It's late now and I have 5 baby squirrels to feed before I get to bed myself....before 1am for a thanks to Red!!

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