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Monday, September 1, 2008

Mary's release pen.

Spent the weekend at Mary's getting the raccoon enclosure "coon-proofed" for the gang. We're going to release them all from there this year. Mary's Winny & Bear were the first to check it out. Then Laurie brought her Sugar & Oaky over. This morning I brought 3 of my 11 getting released over.....don't want to overwhelm the other 4 to quickly! ha ha.
They have a huge pen to run around in. A new top was added, with a section in the middle that is much higher for more vertical climbing room. It looks bare here, but we've added some hammocks & den boxes and will add more branches etc. as we go too.

Mary's Winny checks out the high ground.

Here we have Clover, Roxy and Meeko all packed up and ready for the trip over to Mary's. All 3 are very laid back and mild and should have no problem getting along with the other 4. Hopefully they will warn the other's about what is to come when Buster, Seeker, Teddy, Growler, Tugger, Stormy, Thunder and Huffer join them on Wednesday! The other 4 aren't going to know what hit them! ha ha.

Got them over there just in time. As soon as I put the crate on the floor of the pen they popped the door off. Can you imagine if they had done that while I was driving them over there & they got loose in the car! LOL!

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