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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's up with Red's jowels?

Ran into Red the last couple nights and noticed she has very pronounced jowels suddenly. You know, like a male cat that hasn't been neutered and has those big chubby cheeks? She is acting fine's not painful...she enjoyed having them scratched.....she is eating fine and lets me open her mouth without any pain, and no swelling in any other lymph node areas...but I don't think it's her nodes. Sooooooooo I decided to make an appointment with the vet for today and planned on catching her last night...after all she's always out there! But NOOOOOOOOOOO....not on the night I WANT her to be out there. I gave up at 4am!!! Next time I see her I'll just bring her in for a check up.

The appointment will not be wasted however. Don't ask me how, but Rollo managed to get a hemoatoma in his ear! Probably won't do anything with it....putting a drain in it will be like putting a bullseye on his ear that says "Ooooooooo, pull and play with me and pull me out" to the other coonies! As long as it's not uncomfortable it will probably be best to leave it alone!

While out looking for Red had visits from Belle and the girls, Bella & Macy, Daisy, Fuzzball, Brownie and various other shy, but treat motivated kits! Hopefully Red will be out tonight!

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