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Monday, September 8, 2008

The girls out back.

Went out back after work last night and ran into a few of the girls. Red was very happy to see mom as usual! Had to hold and cuddle and play with her for a while. Daisy was out there with her too. I think they are hanging out together because whenever one comes out, the other is there. Although Red is a little bitchy about sharing mom and gives Daisy the growling, huffing treatment when she comes up to me while Red is with me. But she's all bark and Daisy kind of ignores her, giving her some space while still coming over to me for her lovin! Red's just gonna have to share!
There were a couple shy older kits out there...but not shy enough to run away when I brought treats over to them. They stayed just out of reach, but waited for the treats then went to work on them.
Brownie showed up after the 2 kits had had enough and scooped up the rest.

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