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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The great release!

The gang is out and loving life and what a great week they have for it. Nothing but sunny weather predicted for a week! I'm so happy for them and so worried for them at the same time. I can't protect them from everything anymore!!
Here are some pics of the day they were released and finally got to climb those big trees next to the pen they had been longing to climb! It got dark fast so unfortunately the camera was useless for most of their play that night.

The next day I stopped by to see who was about. Early afternoon I discovered some sleepy coonies in the den box out in a tree in the woods. Clover and Oakey gave me a lazy hello and poked their heads out briefly.

I discovered Meeko in one of the den boxes on the release pen all by her lonesome.

I returned around 6pm because I knew they would begin stirring soon. More and more heads started popping out of the den box in the woods! Every time I looked another head poked out! Oakey up top and Growler pokes her head out.

Then Stormy tries to get past Growler....



Then suddenly there's Buster pushing Growler out of the way!

Oakey chills outside the den box while Growler debate on gettin' up.

Finally everyone decides to get up for the night! Turns out Clover, Oakey, Stormy, Growler and Buster were in the den box.

Winny hears the commotion and comes out to say HI to her mom!

Buster makes the trek down the ladder from the den box.

Seeker and Tugger appeared at the release pen. I think they were sleeping in the big den box in the pen. They joined Meeko (Meeko and Seeker below) out on top of the pen.

Tugger heads right for the food!

Bear come in to say Hi!

Oakey helps himself to some water.

And once again it got too dark for more very cute pics as the rest of the gang came in to visit. In all we ran into 11 of the 15. Thunder and Huffer didn't come in and probably won't. They were the very shy one's not used to people initially in my pen with my crew. They never came out with the others at Mary's either when we were cleaning up. Of my original group, Teddy is the only one I didn't see and Laurie's Sugar didn't come in either.

So Buster, Seeker, Tugger, Growler, Clover, Roxy, Meeko & Stormy from my crew,safe and sound and accounted for after their first night on their great adventure! As well as Mary's Bear & Winny, and Laurie's Oakey.

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